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Digital Currency
Seminar 2017

The Top Investor Training Program

Section : Digital Currency Literacy

Date : MAY 13, 2017


Time : 7 AM - 5 PM

Our Background

acmeinvestor group was founded by 5 founders with the same ideology. Our goal is to help those who can help others. We are focusing to educate all the members to have more income and share 10% of their income to help others and society. Based on our ideology, our group has continuously performed different social activities, such as Acme green day: Tree planting project at green paulownia Research and Propagation Center, Nakhon Ratchasima, Patong cleaning day: Patong beach cleaning project at Phuket, and Acme vampire day : blood donation project at National Blood Center, Thai Red Cross Society.

In the present, digital currency become more widely used and become a vital part of everyday life. This keeps digital currency to grow steadily and continue to grow more in the future. Therefore, investing in digital currency is become more fascinating. However, many people in Thailand are lack of understanding about digital currency that make Thai people lose the opportunities for investment. This is the reason why acmeinvestor group organizes this seminar to educate people and enhance their knowledge about digital currency, including how to apply digital currency to their daily lives and today business.

  1. To educate people about Digital currency exchanges (DCEs) or bitcoin exchanges to keep up with the current situation.
  2. To build understanding of different business practices in Thailand and China by digital currency.

Target group

Members and followers of the acmeinvestor group, all investors and general people who are interested in digital currency